Become an 8 to Great

and an 8 to Your IdealWeight

Certified Trainer

Attend Your Choice of a 1,2, or 4 Day Training Institute
in beautiful Sarasota, FL
June 19-22, 2018

Who You Can Reach Once You’re Trained

There are no limitations on who Certified Trainers may speak to or work with:

  • Businesses small and large as well as Chambers of Commerce
  • Schools, Rotary Clubs, Optimists, Churches and other Non-profit groups
  • Keynotes on large stages for state, regional and national conventions
  • Government organizations
  • 1-on-1 Coaching

We even have Certified Trainers offering programs to their friends and family!

The 8 to Great Training will go down in my memory as a significant historical life-changing event.  The 8 High-Ways are amazing, and I already began using them with my daughter. MK is a genius with a huge heart of GOLD!  I will share the 8 to Great concepts wherever I can, and look forward to guiding people to a life of greater fulfillment, gratitude and peace. 

Sue Ann Sellon, NY, Your Content Goes Here

What can you expect from the training?

Tues – Wed, June 19-20: 

8 to Great Certification Training

8 to Great Certification Training

  • You will dramatically deepen your knowledge of Life’s Truths and the 8-step Process that the happiest, healthiest and most successful use every day
  • You will learn how to share those truths and the 8-step process with others.
  • You will connect with like-minded adults and future business partners who are on the journey of awakening the world to the potential that is within all of us.
  • You will learn and practice the 8 High-Ways unique Coaching Paradigm
  • You will receive the following materials:
    • a 160-page Handbook with study guide s and  with over 60 scripted 20-minute activities for 1-on-1 coaching or small or large classes.
    • A Student handbook,
    • the 8 to Great online course study guide
    • A Gratitools CD,
    • A Gratitude wristband
    • A Thumbdrive with 13 videos review
    • A Trainer Checklist for classes and speaking engagements
    • You will learn and practice the 8 High-Ways unique Coaching Paradigm
  • You will learn how to use the “Props” of 8 to Great to make the presentations interactive: The  Potato/Straw game, the gong, the challenge chair, the Gratitude Drill, etc. (20 in all)
  • You will receive Special Trainer Only pricing on most products
  • You’ll enjoy FREE return to future Certification Trainings (You only pay for food and supplies)
  • You will receive a full-color Graduation Certificate suitable for framing    

$997 includes tuition, materials, lunch both days, access to our PowerCoaches FB page for life and one-year access to ongoing coaching from MK.  (Travel and lodging not included.)

 You may pay in 3-part payment plans! Sign up today with your down payment of $332.33 and pay that same amount for two more months.  

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Book 4 Day

Thurs, June 21:

Sharing the Message: Speaking and Marketing Skills

This interactive small group day includes 1-on-1 coaching by MK Mueller, who has been on hundreds of national and international stages.

Here is what one audience member said about MK’s speaking skills:

I am a professional photographer whose primary work involves photographing conventions. Over the past 20 years I have photographed 30 meetings a year, each one with multiple keynotes ranging from Sports Legends to Political World Leaders. With that said, I have never seen anyone as dynamic and moving as MK Mueller! I was absolutely floored by her energy, stage presence and “common sense” intelligence. She had the entire audience delighting in her every word. Take my word – there is no better speaker than MK Mueller!

Eric Hoffman, Las Vegas NV

You will be learning from the best! New skills will include:

  • How to start and end every session/class
  • How offering heart choices shifts the coaching and speaker relationship
  • Brochure, Flyer and Business card templates
  • Gold card event sign up template
  • Instructions on How to create your own website page in just 48 hours:
  • How to use Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn to promote and fill your classes
  • How to title and offer your own online class and start selling it within 7 days
  • How offering free talks promotes book studies & lunch and learns, which promote classes and personal coaching, which promote speaking engagements, etc..
  • The Keys to Networking and Networking events

Payment Installment Plan. 3-part payment plan. This day is an additional $497 for anyone who has completed the 2-day 8 to Great Certification Course. Lunch and materials as well as 1 year of on-going marketing and speaking coaching from MK are included.

Book 2 Day
Book 4 Day

Fri, June 22:

8 to Your IdealWeight Coach Certification

I completed a “Wellness Coach” course that I paid $5,000 for and realized that it was really hard to find clients because of how general it was. Once I got trained in IdealWeight for half of that amount, I found that women will invest in losing weight and then the rest of wellness through the High-Ways can follow.

Laura N

Under MK’s guidance, you will review and master

  • The SAAB Food Plan
  • The guidelines and best practices for FB groups
  • Role playing of common coaching issues
  • Technology tips for running online classes
  • Guidelines for 1-on-1 coaching
  • FAQ’s
  • Prepare for the oral exam for successful completion of the course
  • A full color certificate of completion

You will also receive

  • A thumb drive with over 100 inspirational posters
  • An outline for conducting classes
  • Access to the Active IdealWeight Coaches’ FB page
  • 1-on-1 Coaching from MK as needed for the first year, or as long as you are active

Becoming a certified 8 to Your IdealWeight coach has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I have NEVER seen my coaching clients have  such transforming experiences in such a short time. Being able to work from home, travel with my husband, inspire women and men to live the life of their dreams and be generously compensated is MY dream come true, and I’m so grateful to MK for it!

Mary Beth Helgens

Payment Installment Plan. 6-part payment plan.  The total investment for all 4 days, lunch each day, all materials and ongoing coaching with MK Mueller and the Coaching Team for a full year is $2995.

Book 2 Day
Book 4 Day