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Introducing the world’s most powerful Positive Attitude Formula that you can use to improve your relationships, your health, your wealth, and your life!

The power is in the process.

Everyone is looking for the right PROCESS—to lose weight, make more money, find true love and maintain a positive attitude no matter what. While most self-help texts only offer the ingredients for success, MK Mueller’s new book gives us the recipe:

  1. Get the Picture
  2. Risk
  3. Full Responsibility
  4. Feel All Your Feelings
  5. Honest Communication
  6. Forgiveness of the Past
  7. Gratitude for the Present
  8. Hope for the Future

Her 8 High-Ways are powerful and practical, you’ll find yourself not only using them, but sharing them with family and friends. Wherever you are in your life today, practicing the High-Ways of 8 to Great will take you where you want to go!