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Get real, get healthy, get empowered with MK Mueller’s time-tested approach to reaching your ideal weight in this 220 page softcover book.

This is a step by step diet-free program for reaching your ideal weight while falling in love with yourself and life again. Why do most diets fail? Because “diets” call for calorie restriction – this program only limits high sugar foods, and it includes the essential mind body connection and supportive process that ensures success.

The mind body connection: Author MK Mueller’s journey to her ideal weight was 40 years in the making with a trail of unsuccessful diets in her wake. Once she learned the truth about how simple it was to end sugar cravings, she created her own methodology based on an 8 step process Mike Dooley calls “inspired.” With her encouragement and gentle guidance, you will let go of the burden of living life as a weight number and reclaim your energy, self-esteem and personal power.

Transformation: MK Mueller’s program is not about losing weight but “releasing” pounds that hold you back by dragging you down and making you vulnerable to health risks. MK will help you GET REAL – with food, with yourself and with others. She will help you get back in touch with long-lost dreams, find the courage to achieve them, and motivate you to keep going. The 8 to Your IdealWeight  low sugar food program in MK Mueller’s breakthrough book will reshape your body while it restores your power and confidence.

You will love how it
* Heals the root causes of overeating
* Restores your energy
* Reboots your life