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Battle Creek HS (9-12)

Now you can teach students the 8 life skills that the happiest, healthiest,
and most successful people have in common!

“I cannot even count the number of times I’ve witnessed my students’ lives be transformed through teaching 8 to Great®. I’m so grateful to be able to share this process in my classroom!”

– Lindsay Buck, HS teacher, KS

The 8 to Great Difference:
Students learn it, love it and live it.​

  • Proven. Research has shown fewer failing grades, fewer discipline incidents, and improved test scores.
  • Process. More than just a list of positive qualities, it’s a formula for success
  • Practical. Hundreds of easy-to-follow scripted 20-minute activities that students and adults alike learn from and use immediately
  • Powerful. Students and adults agree,8 to Great is life-changing.”
  • Positive Attitude Formula. The FGH® formula is hailed around the world as the most effective Positive Attitude Formula ever written.
  • Popular. Students don’t just learn 8 to Great, they love it. When students love a process, they live it.
“Every day after class I go home and teach what I learned to my Mom and my sisters. It’s changing our family.”
– Manuel, 9th grader, MI
Middle and High School

Middle and High School
Students say
8 to Great

“…should be required for high school graduation”

8 to great programs for Administrators

Administrators refer
to​ 8 to Great as

“…the missing piece in education today”

School Counselors 8 to Great Success Skills Training

call 8 to Great


High-Ways poster

The 8 to Great
High-Ways teach...

  • ​Self Confidence/Self Respect
  • Respect for Others/Compassion
  • Responsibility/No Excuses
  • A Decision-Making Formula
  • A Patented Positive Attitude Formula
  • Skills for Becoming a Better Listener
  • The Definition of a Healthy Risk
  • How to End Rumors & Gossip
  • How to Persevere & Not Give Up
  • How to End Blaming & Complaining
  • Why Dreams Are as Important as Goals

“In all my years as a principal, I’ve never seen a stronger program for the emotional and mental growth of students than 8 to Great.”
—Suzan Morin | Principal, Alternative HS, NE

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8 to great
8 to great

The Powerful PROCESS
for POSITIVE Change

The Powerful PROCESS
for POSITIVE Change

8 to Great® is a CASEL-aligned 8-step Life Skills process that is as practical as it is powerful. With a K-12 curriculum and a Coach Certification program for adults, this evidence-based process restores hope and inspires possibilities, helping people of all ages believe in and achieve their goals and dreams.

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