8 to Great will be a part of the next wave of enlightenment.”

Mike Dooley,  Author of “Notes from the Universe”

Clients Include:

About MK Mueller

Enlightened by experiences that led to her spending a month in a domestic violence shelter at the age of 34, MK Mueller began a support group in her home called, “Taking Care of Me.” Almost overnight, word of her empowering and uplifting message for men and women in all walks of life grew, and she became a highly sought after speaker and trainer for businesses, community groups, and national conferences.

Her first book, Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness, was soon followed by her award-winning book, 8 to Great: How to Take Charge of Your Life and Make Positive Changes Using an 8-Step Breakthrough Process. Today she has over 2,500 Certified Trainers around the world taking the 8 High-Ways process of 8 to Great into workplaces, health care organizations, schools and community groups. Meanwhile, Mueller has written 8 to Your IdealWeight: How to Release Your Weight and Restore Your Power in 8 Weeks.

MK is the proud Mom of Joanna and Zach, and enjoys life to the fullest in Southwest Florida.

About 8 to Great

This groundbreaking and positively practical text offers a simple, yet powerful, 8-step process for taking charge of our lives and achieving our dreams. It revolves around author MK Mueller’s unique formula for Positive Living, Positive Relationships and Positive Attitude.

Everyone says that positive attitude is everything for achieving greater happiness, health and success, yet no one, until now, has given the world a formula that is simple enough to remember and therefore use on a daily basis.

One of Mueller’s gifts in this gook is the FGH formula – Forgiveness of the past, Gratitude for the present and Hope for the future. The remaining five High-Ways address the most common stumbling blocks to using FGH:

High-Way 1: Get the Picture. Mueller demonstrates how to clearly see our dreams happening and “think it till we feel it.”

High-Way 2: Risk. Once the picture is clear, she teaches us to “run to, not from” and face our fears in order to move forward.

High-Way 3: Full Responsibility. Rather than a burden, this is the key to freedom as we discover that we are the only problem we have and therefore, we are the solution.

High-Way 4: Feel All Your Feelings. For those suffering with depression or rage, this chapter reveals new insights into how accepting our emotions can empower us.

High-Way 5: Honest Communication. When you’re ready to stop getting defensive in arguments and be done with triangulation in the workplace, Mueller shows the way with down-to-earth examples of her clients’ success stories.

Together these High-Ways offer a step-by-step process that helps young and old find greater happiness and success. 8 to Great takes the reader from wherever they are in life and springboards them into a new level of healthy choices, increased well-being and greater joy. Whether for yourself or someone you love, it is an investment that is sure to energize, enlighten and empower its readers.

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About 8 to Your IdealWeight

Get Real, Get Healthy, and Get Empowered with MK Mueller’s proven process for reaching your ideal weight

This exciting new book is a step by step plan for reaching your ideal weight while falling in love with yourself and life again. Why do most diets fail? Because “diets” call for calorie restriction – this program only limits high sugar foods, and it includes the essential mind body connection and supportive process that ensures success. IdealWeight is not a diet because it’s the program that participants call “Liveable and Loveable for Life!” 

The mind body connection: Author MK Mueller’s journey to her ideal weight was 40 years in the making with a trail of unsuccessful diets in her wake. Once she learned the truth about how simple it was to end sugar cravings, she created her own methodology based on an 8-step process author Mike Dooley calls “inspired.” With her encouragement and clear yet gentle guidance, you will release what’s been holding you back and reclaim your energy, self-esteem and personal power.

Transformation: MK Mueller’s program is not about losing weight but “releasing” external weight and internal regrets and resentments. She helps readers GET REAL – with food, with yourself and with others. Her process also helps you get back in touch with long-lost dreams, find the courage to follow them and ignite the strength to achieve them. The 8 to Your IdealWeight low sugar food program in this breakthrough book will reshape your body while it restores your power and confidence.

You will love how it

  •  Heals the root causes of overeating
  •  Restores your energy
  •  Reboots your life

Connection: Meanwhile, for those who are tired of doing weight loss alone and long for a supportive and affordable coaching or small group opportunity, MK offers on-line courses and coaching for every budget.

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