I walked onto the pickleball court with my good friend feeling somewhat resigned to what was ahead. This dear woman is rarely on the winning team, but we all love playing with her. She and I were about to take on the two best players in our group. The conclusion seemed foregone.

But then I remembered what my good friend, Rev. Cindy Grimes, had reminded me of just the week before: “Don’t let your past seep into your future.”
I realized this was a perfect example of expecting the same, when I could expect so much better. And that’s what I did.

We were ahead for much of the game, and only lost by a slim margin. It was exciting and reminded me of the power of my expectation.

Where are you expecting the same old same old this year? Was there a time in your life when things took a distinctive turn for the better? It could happen again. Why not expect the unexpected?

We’ve got nothing to lose.