Imagine cooking a glorious dish in one of your favorite pans, but then not quite getting it clean after the meal. Now imagine cooking a new dish in that same soiled pan.

Of course, we would never do that. We’d see the caked-on food and clean it out before reusing the pan. So why aren’t we as sensitive to our need to do regular inner cleansings?

Whether it was a job that ended, a trip that got canceled, or a relationship that withered, hanging onto disappointments is the #1 barrier to this year living up to its potent potential.

This past year was, in many ways excruciatingly difficult. In order for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, it must dissolve completely into liquid. By fully letting go of the past, we allow the miracle of what can be to emerge.

Are you ready to release? Find a coach, a counselor or a journal to write in and then burn. If we are truly willing to close the door on what has been and walk away, then when we turn back to look at it, it will be gone.