I recently heard author John Gray (the Mars/Venus guy) say that “All painful feelings (mads and sads) are about wanting more.”
The more I reflected on that statement, the more I could see it was true. My sadness about missing my Mom is my desire for more time with her, for wanting to hear her tell her latest joke or sing a song with me. My anger at violence is wanting more respect for those with skin colors or religions different from our own.
That led me to my next Aha: “It’s okay to want more.” Which led back to an 8 to Great teaching, “It’s okay to feel all our sads and mads (because it’s okay to want more).”
I invite you this week to honor your sads and mads as they show up. Rather than denying them, apologizing for them, or taking them out on someone, just acknowledge and embrace them, as you would a child who wants a hug.