It’s almost time… We’ll be back out in public wearing shorts sooner than we know.
So how to release those Covid pounds once and forever?
There are short term answers (count points or calories) and there’s educating yourself to find a program that really works because it addresses the real issue – sugar addiction.
Start by taking the quiz below about how sugar affects us, and then join me Sunday night at 8 Est./7C on my MK Mueller Facebook page for a discussion of That Sugar Film – a powerful documentary starring Hugh Jackman that teaches what health class didn’t. Discover why the “Food Pyramid” we all grew up with is gone, and the exciting news about how to kick sugar addiction in just one week, while enjoying eating real food with no guilt and less gut.
(If you can’t join me Sunday, just reply INTERESTED to this email and I’ll answer all your questions about my upcoming 8-week course.)
The Sugar Quiz
  1. Sugar is 6 times more addictive than cocaine.
  2. High added-sugar foods shut down the hormone that tells us we’re full, which is one of the main reasons we overeat.
  3. Natural sugars in fruits and vegetables are never a problem, only added sugars, yet most people aren’t familiar enough with the new food labels to distinguish between them.
  4. Fruits naturally taste 2-3 times sweeter when you lower your added-sugars level to 20 grams a day. (25 for men)
  5. It takes 3 – 5 days to get off addiction to sugar, and you may feel sluggish on those days due to releasing toxins.
  6. Once you’ve been on a low added-sugar program for a week, you can eat at any restaurant (even fast food) and enjoy delicious foods that fit your new way of eating.
  7. Low fat foods often cause weight gain because they triple and quadruple the amount of added sugars to make up for lost taste.
  8. High added-sugar intake has been linked to depression, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
  9. Eating no or low added-sugar foods does not mean giving up sweetness, it just means different foods will taste sweeter.
  10. When you decrease the added sugars in your food choices, the first place you lose weight is in your belly.
The answers are below. If you missed 2 or more, here are 5 options: 1) Watch “That Sugar Film.” 2) Join me Sunday evening for my 30-minute Facebook Live. 3) Purchase “8 to Your IdealWeight” to learn a simple and practical way to end sugar addiction. 4) Join me for my next “8 to Your IdealWeight” small-group online course that begins soon. Reply to this email or text 402-212-3033 for more information. 5) Do nothing.
Remember, spring is just a “short” time away!
(Answer Key: Every statement is true except the first one. Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.)