Here is the question from last week:
Men will usually respond best to which of the following versions of a request:
a. Could you please take out the trash?
b. Would you please take out the trash?
c. I noticed the trash hasn’t been taken out yet.
d. Please don’t make me take out the trash.
About 50% of the responses I received were correct. The answer is B.
A is obvious. Of course he is physically able to, so this question can put him off. C and D are indirect. Men like a request that is direct. But their favorite kind of request from a woman actually includes another aspect – knowing he is pleasing her. So it’s good to use phrases such as:
  • Would you do me a favor and…?
  • I’d like to go ____________. Will you take me?
  • I’d love it if you would just listen while I share about what happened today.
  • It would feel so good if you would…
Have fun with this!
Here is our question for next week:
When a man gives to a woman, her best response is to …
a. not give back, just tell him how grateful she is
b. give back a little while telling him how grateful she is
c. give back as much while telling him how grateful she is
d. give back more, so he’ll know how much his giving meant to her