Providing Leaders, Life Coaches and Business Owners with the
8 to Great  Training They Need to Empower Others to Success

Through the powerful 8 to Great certification training, leaders, life coaches and business owners around the world have been able to:

  • Improve communication
  • Improve morale and engagement
  • Improve management skills
  • Increase job satisfaction

What to Expect

When you choose to be certified as a Life Coach through 8 to Great, you’ll discover:

  1. How to help your team get a clear vision of their personal and professional potential
  2. How to give them a decision-making formula that thinks out of the box and works every time!
  3. How to turn (Blaming and Complaining) into (Acting and Dreaming) almost overnight
  4. How to help your team handle strong emotions in themselves and others
  5. How to end third-party rumors and gossip with a 90-second formula
  6. The world’s most powerful positive attitude formula: FGH

What You’ll Get

  • A comprehensive trainer’s manual with 60 activities for meetings or 1-on-1s
  • A chance to connect with like-minded thinkers and future business partners
  • A thorough understanding of how the “8 High-Ways” increase productivity and profits
  • A chance to practice and hone your speaking skills
  • Motivational stories of how 8 to Great transforms businesses large and small
  • Up to an 80% discount off future 8 to Great training events


You will receive an Introductory Handbook (60 scripted activities) that you’ll have unlimited reproduction rights to for your personal and professional use. You will also receive a refresher video upon completion.

College Credit

Contact our office for information on how to earn up to 2 college credits through Baker University.


$897** includes:

  • 8 to Great certification, tuition and materials

Payment installment plans available. 

** contact us at 828-242-9033 for the educator’s discount 

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