8 to Great® Will Provide Your Faculty, Staff, or National Audience with a Proven Empowerment Process

8 to Great offers:

  • In-services
  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Certified Training

The 8 to Great Certification Training:

What to Expect

When you choose to be certified through 8 to Great, you’ll discover:

  1. How to help your team get a clear vision of their personal and professional potential
  2. How to give them a decision-making formula that thinks out of the box and works every time!
  3. How to turn B.C.ing (Blaming and Complaining) into A.D.ing (Acting and Dreaming) almost overnight
  4. How to help your team handle strong emotions in themselves and others
  5. How to end third-party rumors and gossip with a 90-second formula
  6. The world’s most powerful positive attitude formula: FGH

What You’ll Get

  • An in-depth understanding of each of the 8 High-Ways
  • A pre-test/post-test to give to students
  • 60 engaging tested and proven lesson plans
  • Lifetime access to the Student online 16-Video Course for use in your classroom
  • A copy of the Student Handbook
  • All the Bullet Journal Activities
  • A completed sample Bullet Journal
  • Lifetime access to MK’s Training Videos
  • Access to MK for ongoing coaching for two years
  • The ability to return to future trainings for free


You will receive an Introductory Handbook (60 scripted activities) that you’ll have unlimited reproduction rights to for your personal and professional use. You will also receive a refresher video upon completion.

College Credit

Contact our office for information on how to earn up to 2 college credits through Baker University.

MK Mueller and her training team have used 8 to Great to help thousands of educators feel empowered and empower their students … and 8 to Great can do the same for your school or district!

8 to Great is:

  • A powerful process for getting in touch with goals and dreams
  • A guaranteed positive attitude formula that is simple to live and teach
  • A decision-making formula to help make the right decisions every time
  • A one-minute process for using imagination to achieve goals more quickly
  • A forgiveness formula for releasing past hurts and mistakes
  • A communication skill that breaks through negative patterns such as defensiveness
  • A process for dealing with strong emotions such as depression and rage
  • A one-minute gratitude exercise that helps every day start out right
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Keynotes, In-services and Workshops

8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change

 In this presentation, participants will discover and practice:

  1. Get the Picture—Practice defining and visualizing the end result with a fun technique
  2. Risk—Learn MK’s amazing formula for making the best decision every time
  3. Full Responsibility—Discover MK’s process for ending blaming and complaining
  4. Feel All Your Feelings—Discover a powerful method for dealing effectively with strong emotions in self and others
  5. Honest Communication—Discover how to stop 3rd party communication and end defensiveness
  6. FGH: Forgiveness of the Past—Discover how to forgive self and others and get free from the past
  7. FGH: Gratitude for the Present—Discover the daily process for staying positive and grateful in the present moment
  8. FGH: Hope for the Future—Discover how to replace needless anxiety and worry with confidence in goals and dreams
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How to Feel Good and Stay Positive, No Matter What!

Challenging times are always full of opportunity. Employees today need reassurance that they can survive and thrive, no matter what.

International trainer and award-winning author MK Mueller has graduated from life’s school of hard knocks with a sense of humor and an amazing “can do” perspective. Her engaging presentation is especially powerful because it is positively practical! Join us for this “I’m so grateful I came” experience that everyone will be talking about for months to come.

You will also discover:

  • How just three minutes a day can change mood and energy levels
  • How to make every decision and know it’s the right one
  • How to resolve defensive arguments for good
  • How to turn BC (Blaming and Complaining) into AD (Action and Dreaming)
  • How to target and turn around negative attitudes with the FGH formula
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Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness

When former high school teacher MK Mueller wrote her first book, Taking Care of Me, she had just left a domestic violence shelter.

Her experience helped her to take back her power, learn a new level of personal authenticity, and live a life full of gratitude. Soon she was sharing what she had learned with CEO’s, educators, and health care professionals.

Today this award-winning author inspires and delights audiences worldwide with her powerful and playful Habits of Happiness. If you’re ready to be enlightened and lighten up, join us for this de-light-ful presentation.

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Shift Happens: Tools for Transition

Change is inevitable, but the suffering that often accompanies it is optional. With proven and practical skills, MK Mueller helps everyone see the bigger picture and relax!

She’ll show how choosing to focus on what feels good, claiming our dreams, and having the courage to take risks are key components of success! She’ll prove how it is possible to feel peaceful while everything around us is changing. Discover her secrets for staying grateful and hopeful, no matter what!

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The 8 Keys to Civility, Responsibility and Respect

When asked what skills they would most want their students to have upon graduation, parents, teachers and administrators agree:

Respect and Responsibility. The Key to those includes civility.

Research has found that mental and physical health, productivity and employee retention, customer relations, student achievement etc. all greatly suffer when work and social environments are uncivil.  Additionally, when leaders and those held in high esteem in our culture behave in uncivil ways their behavior is modeled and repeated by others.

In this presentation, participants discover and practice the 8 Keys:

Ask for their Why. What is their dream?

#2: RISK
Run to, not from. Choose the decision you would make if you had no fear.

Move from B.C. (Blaming & Complaining) to A.D. (Acting & Dreaming).

Honor all emotions as valid, including Mad (fire) and Sad (water).

Listen to what is behind their words. Let them know you hear them.

#6: FGH – FORGIVENESS of the Past
Release the past so that you can communicate in the present.

#7: FGH – GRATITUDE for the Present
Begin each encounter and each meeting with gratitude.

#8: FGH – HOPE for the Future
Keep on keeping on. The road to success is never a straight line.

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From Gratitude to Greatness: Three Life-Changing Leadership Skills

Growing up, gratitude was something many of us were taught we should feel, but often took for granted. Now research proves that feelings of gratitude are the key to living a happy, healthy and successful life. In this powerful presentation, you’ll hear how Harvard studies have validated what award-winning author and trainer MK Mueller has been teaching for decades.

You’ll learn:

  • how a one-minute ritual of sharing gratitudes enhances our health, wealth, and happiness
  • how feeling good is a choice, rather than a response
  • how to open and close meetings on a positive note
  • how to handle challenges gracefully and gratefully
  • how the “luckiest” among us have learned the world’s most powerful positive attitude formula—FGH: Forgiveness of the past, Gratitude for the present, and Hope for the future.
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The Power and Process of Positive Attitude

Everyone knows that positive attitude is “everything,” but no one seems to agree on how to define it! Is it a set of thoughts, behaviors or emotions? The answer may surprise you—it’s not all three.

Join us to discover award-winning author MK Mueller’s patented FGH Formula for Positive Attitude: Forgiveness of the past, Gratitude for the present, Hope for the future. It’s so simple that you’ll find yourself using it today and sharing it with others tomorrow! See why tens of thousands each year give it credit for changing their lives for the better.

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Win-Win Relationships: High-Jumping Life’s Top Communication Hurdles

The rules of effective communication aren’t hard to understand, they’re just hard to remember! Don’t miss this engaging session to hear award-winning author MK Mueller share her simple processes and powerful solutions for the most common communication issues:

  • Why Men and Women Communicate Differently and What to Do About It
  • How to End Gossip and Third Party Communication
  • How to Give and Accept Constructive Criticism
  • How to Say “No” and Set Limits
  • How to Ask for What You Want and Get It
  • How to Deal with Whiners and Complainers
  • How to Effectively Share Gratitude and Recognition
  • How to Listen from the Heart/ End Defensiveness
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Taking Care of Me: How to Juggle it All without Dropping the Ball

“I’m never gonna get everything done…” Sound familiar? If the balance of work and family are squeezing out the personal time you need to be your best you, join the award-winning author of Taking Care of Me, MK Mueller, for the best news you’ve heard in years. Discover how you no longer have to choose between personal fulfillment and pleasing others. With her simple and sure-fire process, everyone wins! Come ready to laugh, learn, and lighten up as you trade in your “to-do” list for a “to-be” one!

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