8 to Great Products

8 to Great Certification Training

This program includes online interactive 10-hour Zoom Class Certification Training.
On-site training for groups of 10 or more are available for an additional charge. 

The license also include 16 Student Videos, 13 Trainer Review Videos, a Training Manual with a pretest/post-test and 60 detailed lesson plans, handouts, and ongoing email support from your coach for the length of the license.

8 to Great books, Student Handbooks and The Bullet Journal Companion are additional, and must be ordered separately. In addition, we offer a PLC 8 to Great Book Study Guide by request at no charge.

Additional Resources:
- Inservices
- Assemblies
- Keynotes

are all available through our office. Email us at info@8togreat.com or call/text us at 402-212-3033 for more information or to check your desired date.

8 to Great Book by MK Mueller

8 to Great: How to Take Charge of Your Life and Make Positive Changes Using an 8-Step Breakthrough Process

1-20 $14 each
20+ orders receive a discount

Here’s the book that’s changed thousands of lives, describing in detail the 8-step process that the happiest, healthiest and most successful among us follow to achieve their goals and dreams.

“Reading this book is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Everyone can become a better person from using its systematic strategies.”- Marcia Kay, HS Counselor, IA
8 to Great has really changed my life! I finished it in two days and then gave it to my parents to read. Our coach asked us to read it, and by going through the 8 High-Ways it has even brought our volleyball team together. We are playing much better together and are doing great!”  – Kari S., High School Senior
Taking Care of Me book by MK Mueller

Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness


MK’s first book gives both the permission and the process for finding balance between taking care of others and caring for ourselves. An amazingly practical guide to greater well-being, it includes:
  • The 4 reasons we run from happiness
  • The FGH Positive Attitude Formula
  • The 12 habits of the happiest and healthiest among us
  • How to change bad habits for good
  • How to stay positive when shift happens

“MK Mueller does an amazing job of not only inspiring but empowering you to make positive changes. In “Taking Care of Me,” she offers us easy to follow tools for how to make GENUINE, lasting improvements in our own life. I highly recommend that you buy more than one, because you will want to share this amazing book with everyone you know!” – Gina Godfrey, GA

8 to Great Student Handbooks

8 to Great Student Handbooks

$10.00 Spiral Bound Handbooks
$49 Digital Copy

The 8 to Great Student Handbook is the companion to MK Mueller’s, 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change. Today’s teens are hungry for practical real-life skills. This popular handbook allows students to take their copy home and many refer to it after the class has ended. You can order the spiral bound handbook or instantly download your digital copy!

Untitled design (23)

“Every day after class I go home and teach what I learned to my Mom and my sisters. It’s changing our family.” 

– Manuel, 9th grader, MI

Bullet Journal Companion

On Sale for $199

Inspired by the power of the 8 to Great book, Roxie Smith used her skills from her Masters in English and Counseling to create a full semester course based on reading the entire book and diving deeper into the 8 High-Ways process. The result is a Bullet Journal Course full of transformative success skills. She offers Bullet Journal activities and videos for every week of the semester, with the 8 to Great book as your text. One parent wrote “I believe this 8 to Great Bullet Journal course saved my son’s life.”
“My bullet journal helped me see things in a new way and feel better about myself. I loved every class. I’m so glad my counselor said I should take this course!” – Amie, 11th grader
High-Ways poster

8 to Great High-Ways Poster or Power Pyramid Poster

24” x 36”   
$35 each    
*Shipping not included

8 to Great Introductory Course

Intro to 8 to Great: A Self-Guided Course

MK Mueller narrates these eight 25-minute videos. Not appropriate for use in the classroom.

In this introduction to 8 to Great, award-winning author MK Mueller teaches her positively powerful process for greater happiness and success so clearly, you’ll be able to start living it immediately! Find out why thousands each year give her  “8 High-Ways” credit for empowering them to live their dreams and maintain a positive mindset no matter what!

Cost: $97

“As a School Superintendent, I am always looking for ways to help myself stay positive and looking for ways to help staff and students to do the same. This book hits it right on the mark. Some people are stuck in apathy and self pity and need help finding direction in life. 8 to Great helps people realize they have choices. 

As a side note, after hearing the author speak to a group of superintendents, I had to have MK Mueller speak to our entire staff: teachers, bus drivers, custodians, cooks, secretaries, and aides. We spent eight hours together and it was worth every penny we spent. I have seen a change in many of the staff and seven people wanted to become certified trainers for our students. Now our students are learning ‘The Powerful Process for Positive Change,’ and our school environment is seeing the benefit.”

-Robert Davies, Superintendent, KS (Amazon.com review)