Book Discussion Questions

8 to Great Book Discussion Questions

Guidelines to Consider Implementing as a Group:

  • Agree to read the chapters (e.g. 60-80 pages per meeting) 
  • Confidentiality
  • Start with each person sharing a gratitude
  • End with each person sharing an insight/ takeaway


Note: There is no need to discuss all the following questions or to do them in order. It often works best to start with any overall comments or questions from the chapters, and then pick one or two questions to discuss during the meeting. 

The Power Pyramid

  1. The 8 to Great book defines Success as “Setting a goal or dream and achieving it.” What is one of your goals or dreams these days? 

  2. 95% and 5% stand for the percentage of your thoughts that feel good. What pulls you up the Power Pyramid? What pulls you down? Where and when do you find yourself giving your power away? 

  3. Have you tried the daily 3 new gratitudes activity? Are you willing to give it a try? If so, would you want to invite someone to partner with you?

The Power Pyramid Activity:

See how many of the 250 correct answers you can come up with for this question:

When we “Choose Thoughts that Feel Good,” we feel good, and when we feel good, we have more what?

(Did the group come up with more Energy? Fun? Friends? Courage? Confidence? Compassion? Patience? Health? Money? Time? Freedom? Focus? Resilience? Love? Laughter? Less Stress?)

CONCLUSION: The fact is that if you took time to write down EVERY answer to that question, EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted would be on that list. In other words, EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted comes from Feeling Good, and Feeling Good comes from Choosing Thoughts that Feel Good! To Summarize:  

When We Feel Good, Good Things Happen! 

High-Way 1

  1. Were there any quotes in the chapter that stuck out/ were your favorite?

  2.  The book’s definition of a Dream vs. a Goal is “With a dream you don’t know the How.” When was the last time you talked to someone about your dreams? If you’re willing, share one of your dreams with the group. 

  3. Do you have a dream board? If not, do you think it makes sense to make one?  

  4. How have others treated your dreams in the past? How have you treated others’ (students/ kids/ partners) dreams?

  5. Are you willing to play “The Congratulations Game?” (A for Ask “What is one of your dreams, B for Buddy responds, C for, “Congratulations, you did it!” And D for Dream Interview now that it’s ‘happened.’

BONUS QUESTION: Why is it not a good idea to ask an individual or a group if they are “95ing?” (Answer: Because then anyone who is 5-ing that day feels even worse!. It’s important in 8 to Great to accept ourselves and others right where we are.)

Possible Activities for High-Way 1: 

  • Create or update your Dream Board and bring it next time
  • Watch the following TEDx talks: MK Mueller, Amy Purdy, Shawn Achor
  • Find a partner and start your daily gratitudes. (They don’t have to respond.) 
  • Read to the end of High-Way 2, OR if your school has a site license, watch the first two student videos and bring any comments or questions to the next discussion. 

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