Frequently Asked Questions

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We invite you to read an excerpt from a 2023 8 to Great report here created by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Tammy Stuhr, Author My Day, LLC.

The Program includes an online interactive 10-hour Zoom Class Certification Training. On-site training for groups of 10 or more are available for an additional charge. Please contact us to receive a quote for your specific needs.

The license also includes 16 Student Videos, 13 Trainer Review Videos, A Training Manual with a pretest/post-test and 60 detailed lesson plans, handouts, and ongoing email support from your coach for the length of the license.

8 to Great books, Student Handbooks and the Bullet Journal Companion are additional and must be ordered separately. In addition, we offer a PLC 8 to Great Book Study Guide by request at no charge.

Additional Services:

  • Keynotes
  • Assemblies
  • Inservices

These are all available through our office. Email us at info@8togreat.com or request a quote or more information here.

Funding to purchase 8 to Great programs

After using our programs, most educators decide to purchase additional licenses, but sometimes they are unsure of where to find funding.  The good news is, we have several suggestions based on our experience working with thousands of educators across the country.

However if you don’t see what you are looking for below, please ask for help. You can email us at info@8toGreat.com, and we will be happy to help you craft a proposal or a grant application with the key supporting elements.

1 – Convince Your Principal/Administration:

Your principal may have knowledge of budget funds that can be used for specific purposes like technology in the classroom, reducing office referrals, Title I funds, school improvement funds, etc. We’ve included a template letter (see below) to share with your principal to help convince them to fund the program.

2 – Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Many PTAs have funds to sponsor specific projects for educators.  The template letter (see below) for use with school administrators can also be used with your PTA to explain what our programs are, how they benefit students, and their cost.

3 – Apply for a Grant

Independent grants are often available at different times of year specifically for integrating technology into the classroom as well as for social and emotional skills programs. There are also ways to crowd-fund projects for your classroom.

• Educational foundation associated with your district: Ask your administration if there is an educational foundation associated with your school district, and how you may go about applying for a grant.

• DonorsChoose.org: Educators at US public or public charter schools can create a project on the site, such as improving social and emotional skills using one of 8 to Great’s programs. It doesn’t cost anything to create a project, but you’ll only get the licenses if your project meets its funding goal. Sharing the project on social media for friends and family to donate, as well as tapping into the DonorsChoose network, helps get the project funded.

4 – Request Funds from Local/Community Organizations

There may be funding available from certain community organizations. Consider reaching out to local organizations to check out their requirements and your eligibility. Ideas include:

  • Private foundations (particularly those with a geographic focus)
  • Community foundations
  • Service organizations (Rotary clubs, Junior League, Knights of Columbus, etc.)
  • Faith-based institutions
  • Mental health organizations
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Libraries

5 – Scholarships

We offer a limited number of scholarships to low-income schools and organizations each year. To apply, simply fill out this form:


  • Classroom Implementation Options: Once you have some staff members trained, the material may be taught in a wide variety of ways over 9 days, 9 weeks, or an entire semester course:

      1. As a 9-week course in PE or Health Class 

      2. During Advisory time, if it’s 25 minutes or more, over the entire year 

      3. As a Freshman Transition Course 

      4. As an 8 to Great® full Semester Course such as a Creative Writing course (We offer a Bullet Journal Companion that supports this option. See the Purchase Options page.)

      5. As a Leadership class

      6. As a Dropout Prevention Course or ISS course

      7. As 40 minutes of each 90-minute English class for one semester (English grades tend to improve with this option, not decline!)

      8. As part of a pregnant teens class

      9. As part of an after-school program 

      10. As part of a mentoring program

  • IF you are looking for an ASSEMBLY and/or INSERVICE: Have MK Mueller or a Master Trainer in as a guest speaker either for an assembly, or for an in-service or a half day of both (most common). To make the most of her time, MK often does 2 student assemblies, (90 min. with Fr/Soph, 90 min. with Jr./Sr.). Then in the afternoon she addresses the faculty for 3 hours to go deeper into High-Ways 4-8. The final option while she is at your school is that she can address parents that evening. Then, from those most interested, the school selects a team to be certified: 10-16 individuals to take the 2-day training. See the Site Licensing Sheet for pricing.

  • IF you would rather begin implementation by TRAINING SELECTED STAFF MEMBERS: Read over the attached documents. If it feels like 8 to Great® is a fit for you and your school, contact our office at 402-212-3033 to get your staff member/s registered for an upcoming Zoom 8 to Great® Training class and to get a copy of our Licensing Agreement. 

  • IF you’d like to introduce your staff to the 8 to Great® process as a PLC Book Study, there is a free Book Study Guide available for schools upon request. Books may be ordered on Amazon. If you’re ordering over 100 books, contact us for a discount.

  • Certified trainers may teach workshops to adults (parents, board, staff meetings, community members) as well as students. They cannot train other teachers to teach it.

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The 8 to Great philosophy and language is unique, and proven to make all the difference in a student’s engagement. It requires not just learning some new tools but unlearning some old habits that no longer work with today’s student population.

The minimum number of trainers for effective implementation is one per building. Our research shows that when you reach 20% of the faculty and administration trained, there is a positive shift in the entire school culture.

All 8 to Great 20-30 minute activities are scripted to the point that substitute teachers can teach them when a teacher is out sick. The fact that 8 to Great is a process makes it both simple and flexible.

Yes! First, the cost of turnover per teacher is an additional $20,000. Schools tell us that 8 to Great lowers faculty turnover. We regularly hear from educators who stay in teaching because of this program. See Jeff Hofeldt’s story on the Coaching Certification page. 

Secondly, it costs $40,000 per year to keep a student in prison. (More than a year at Harvard!) 8 to Great has a reputation of being able to turn around the most hardened and hopeless students because it inspires internal motivation rather than relying on external motivation. In short, 8 to Great is a phenomenal investment for staff morale, student success and character skills that last a lifetime.

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