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Learn how to harness the power of eight essential principles to create positive change, achieve your goals, and cultivate lasting happiness.

8 to Great Inservices for Teachers


“I give the 8 to Great inservice to my staff and certification weekend training a 10+. They were outstanding. Now I want to train more of our team in this life-changing information.” 

– Dr. David Geurin, High School principal, lead learner, and author of  Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive in an Unpredictable World?, and an 8 to Great Certified PowerCoach, MO

8 to Great Inservices for Teachers

“We recently had MK Mueller speak to our K-12 teachers in Salina. Speakers sometimes have trouble reaching across all those grade levels. I can honestly say every teacher in the room from preschool to the high school football coach had something positive to say about the day. Many, many, came up to me to say thank you for making this the best in-service they have ever had.  We all walked away ready for a great year. Teachers are still referring to MK and quoting her. I am so grateful we brought her in.”

– Cindy Compagnone, Principal, KS

8 to Great Assemblies


“When MK Mueller came to our school for an assembly, I was an average golfer. After I heard her, I was an exceptional golfer. In that short time she showed me how to believe in myself and my dreams. The very next day I was in a golf tournament, and took 8 strokes off my best ever score! Now I have a golf scholarship and am living the life of my dreams! I love 8 to Great!” 

Allie Ven John, Kearney, NE 

“MK’s student assembly and follow-up faculty inservice were phenomenal. Today I’m grateful for the 8 to Great program and the positive impact it has had on staff family, my students and me.”

Dr. Russ Lechtenberg, Superintendent, NE

Certification Training Options:

The Live Two-Day Training consists of two 8-hour days, and may be hosted at your location when you’re training 10 or more. The Online Zoom Training is broken into either five 90-minute classes or two 5-hour Zoom classes.

After either training experience, each instructor will have access to all online resources as well as to their coach for the duration of the site license for ongoing support, as well as peer support from the 3,000+ trainers around the world on our private Facebook page.

8 to Great Certification Programs

“The8 to Great Training was the most powerful weekend of my life, bar none.” 

– Ray Lewis, Deputy Director for Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of UK, and an 8 to Great PowerCoach

“I’m delighted to have discovered this 8 to Great® certification training for being a more productive and  happier staff. I’m so grateful that we have now trained 54 members of our team in this powerful process. Thank you!”

– Heidi Holland, Staff Development Specialist, Truman Behavioral Health, KS

8 to Great Coaching Certification

For More Information on Certification Training, Click Below.

“I am a professional photographer whose primary work involves photographing conventions. Over the past 20 years I’ve photographed 30 meetings a year, each one with keynotes ranging from Sports Legends to Political World Leaders. With that said, I have never seen anyone as dynamic and moving as MK Mueller! I was absolutely floored by her energy, stage presence and “common sense” intelligence. She had the entire audience delighting in her every word. Take my word – there is no better speaker than MK Mueller!”

Eric Hoffman, Las Vegas NV Director, FedEx

8 to Great Business

Seminars and Keynotes:

“I first heard MK as a Keynote Speaker at the National YMCA conference. Her 8 to Great Success Skills were inspiring and empowering. As a Sr. Program Director I immediately saw how this process could positively impact not only my associates but also the youth and families that we impact each day. Now I’m becoming certified as an 8 to Great® trainer to share the process with our entire staff team and the families we work with.”

– Lorna Kerr, Senior Program Director, YMCA of Greater Kansas City

“MK Mueller exceeded our expectations exponentially!”

Sheila Thayer, Training Director, FedEx

“Put MK Mueller’s 8 to Great process into action and your life is certain to improve! MK delivers an energetic and entertaining presentation that you won’t soon forget. Her messages about the importance of gratitude, raising positivity, and learning to risk hit the mark for our leaders and in my life. I look forward to bringing her back to our association again soon.”

Joni Sundquist, Senior Vice President, Nebraska Bankers Association

“In MK’s recent presentation to the EPA in Washington DC, my team felt it was, by far, the most valuable three hours they had ever spent in a workshop

—Lucy Arenrin, EPA Training Director, Washington D.C.

“So often we develop the professional aspects of our employees without looking at personal issues people face. MK helped our employees know that we are truly interested in them. Now we’re having MK present at all of our regional/national manager’s meetings.”  

—Bill Dubberly, Senior Manager, Sprint/Nextel

“Every coach knows that you have to go to the gym and strengthen yourself as an individual in order to play your best on the court. The 8 to Great process is like weight-training for leaders, educators, and all employees. It makes each person a better all-around team player.”

Jon Rowberry, Former CEO Franklin Covey 

“I was blown away by MK’s simple yet highly effective tools and guidance. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to take their life or their business to the next level!”

Dave Moore, EO Member and CEO Vigilant Global Trade Service

Talk Topics and Titles:

8 to Great Teacher Training

The Power and Process of Positive Attitude

Everyone knows that a positive attitude is “everything,” but no one seems to agree on how to define it! Is it a set of thoughts, behaviors or emotions? The answer may surprise you—it’s not all three.

Join us to discover award-winning author MK Mueller’s patented FGH Formula for Positive Attitude: Forgiveness of the past, Gratitude for the present, Hope for the future. It’s so simple that you’ll find yourself using it today and sharing it with others tomorrow! See why tens of thousands each year give it credit for changing their lives for the better.

How to Feel Good and Stay Positive, No Matter What!

Challenging times are always full of opportunity. Employees today need reassurance that they can survive and thrive, no matter what.

International trainer and award-winning author MK Mueller has graduated from life’s school of hard knocks with a sense of humor and an amazing “can do” perspective. Her engaging presentation is especially powerful because it is positively practical! Join us for this “I’m so grateful I came” experience that everyone will be talking about for months to come.

You will also discover:

Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness

When former high school teacher MK Mueller wrote her first book, Taking Care of Me, she had just left a domestic violence shelter.

Her experience helped her to take back her power, learn a new level of personal authenticity, and live a life full of gratitude. Soon she was sharing what she had learned with CEO’s, educators, and health care professionals.

Today, this award-winning author inspires and delights audiences worldwide with her powerful and playful Habits of Happiness. If you’re ready to be enlightened and lighten up, join us for this de-light-ful presentation.

Taking Care of Me book by MK Mueller

Shift Happens: Tools for Transition

Change is inevitable, but the suffering that often accompanies it is optional. With proven and practical skills, MK Mueller helps everyone see the bigger picture and relax! 

She’ll show how choosing to focus on what feels good, claiming our dreams, and having the courage to take risks are key components of success! She’ll prove how it is possible to feel peaceful while everything around us is changing. Discover her secrets for staying grateful and hopeful, no matter what!

What does the 8 to Great Training Consist Of
Master Trainer Patty Stuever leads a training session.

Win-Win Relationships: High-Jumping Life’s Top Communication Hurdles

The rules of effective communication aren’t hard to understand, they’re just hard to remember! Don’t miss this engaging session to hear award-winning author MK Mueller share her simple processes and powerful solutions for the most common communication issues.

You will also discover:

Taking Care of Me: How to Juggle it All without Dropping the Ball

“I’m never gonna get everything done…” Sound familiar? If the balance of work and family are squeezing out the personal time you need to be your best you, join the award-winning author of Taking Care of Me, MK Mueller, for the best news you’ve heard in years. Discover how you no longer have to choose between personal fulfillment and pleasing others. With her simple and sure-fire process, everyone wins! Come ready to laugh, learn, and lighten up as you trade in your “to-do” list for a “to-be” one!

Taking Care of Me: How to Juggle it All without Dropping the Ball