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Each speaker brings a unique set of topics. We help disengaged team members become fully engaged and hopeful about work and life.

Meanwhile, 8 to Great helps top employees expand their vision, thereby achieving previously unimaginable heights.

The 8 to Great presentation delivered to 50 of our staff was one of the most practical, motivational and user-friendly programs we have participated in to date. The 8 to Great process is adaptable to any environment, and has given our officers real-world, practical approaches. The energy and passion it ignited, and the gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this seminar by all 50 of our participants, has been remarkable. Thank you!

 Maureen Honan, Government Analyst II, Dept. of Juvenile Justice, FL

Our delighted clients include

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These individuals are trailblazers in their fields, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo.
They will ignite the imagination and motivate your audience to strive for greatness!

MK Mueller - 8 to Great

MK Mueller

Best-Selling Author, CEO, TEDx Speaker
Author MK Mueller spent 10 years as a high school teacher and loved it, but a life challenge took her in a new direction. From the insights she gained, she wrote Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness and almost overnight, became a highly sought after speaker and keynoter for businesses, community groups and national conferences. In 2015 she wrote her award-winning book 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change and developed a companion K-12 curriculum and training course for educators. Today there are over 3500 Certified Trainers and Life Coaches teaching 8 to Great in businesses and schools on four continents.

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Roxie Smith 8 to Great Speaker

Roxie Smith

Master Trainer
With her 32 years of experience teaching and counseling, Roxie Smith was so inspired by the 8 to Great message that she created the 8 to Great Creative Writing Course and the Bullet Journal Companion. Today, Roxie is legendary for her heart-hitting, practical, and powerful presentations to students, staff, and businesses.

patty stuever

Patty Stuever

Master Trainer
As a health, wealth, and dream coach who has spent 20 years in the Wichita School System, Patty loves sharing the 8 to Great message that empowers students and staff alike to be the best version of ourselves. She recently published a dozen books on Amazon as part of the Grateful series, including Gratitude 101: The True Key to Happiness.

John Heineman

John Heineman

Power Coach
John Heineman has spent 40 years in education, passionately teaching and speaking at numerous local, regional, and national organizations. His dedication and hard work was rewarded in 2000 when he was named Nebraska Teacher of the Year. John’s profound conviction that the 8 to Great process is essential to a happy and successful life has led him to commit to spreading this message to both educators and business leaders alike.

Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia

Power Coach
Michael joined our 8 to Great team with 23 years of experience guiding, teaching, and coaching youth in Western Nebraska. He is a highly-respected school counselor and speaker, noted for his innovative work in the areas of career development, bully prevention, at-risk behaviors, crisis intervention, and NOW 8 to Great!

Nancy White 8 to Great Speaker

Nancy White

Power Coach
Corporate trainer Nancy White sees the 8 to Great process as vital for happy, healthy and successful living and an essential tool for businesses, schools and church groups. As a successful business professional of 20+ years, Nancy's passion for encouraging and empowering others has made her a favorite presenter for women's conferences, business leaders and church groups. Her gentle yet firm way of inviting individuals out of their comfort zones has helped hundreds step into their next level roles. A former Future Teachers of America member, she loves taking the 8 High-Ways to all age groups, including students, who call her “Awesome” and “The Best!”

Meagan Shrewsbury

Meagan Shrewsbury

Power Coach
Meagan Shrewsbury is the embodiment of passion for serving others. This devoted wife and mother has changed and saved lives as a veterinary technician, and later as an EMT and Firefighter. These days she positively impacts lives through her 8 to Great coaching and speaking, empowering others to unleash their full potential.

Mary McKenzie 8 to Great

Mary McKenzie

Power Coach
Mary’s 20+ years as a Human Resources professional has given her unique skills in helping organizations build a culture of support and growth, while her certification as an 8 to Great Coach allows her to empower each individual to flourish and succeed. The result is a wide range of offerings for any organization that wants to help each team member be their best so the team can do their best.

Carrie Dewey

Carrie Dewey

Power Coach
Carrie is a Professional School Counselor with over 25 years of experience in education, specializing in working with at risk students grades 6 - 12. As a Certified 8 to Great trainer she sees that it brings relevance and intrinsic motivation to students who struggle most. Today she also gives workshops to parents and educators, sharing her 21st century, trauma informed and relational practices. Carrie was recently recognized by the state of Texas for providing Excellence in School Counseling (CREST).

Kayci Carter

Cayci Carter

Power Coach
Cayci Ellis is a 7 time cancer survivor, She was the 2023 Honored Hero of the Leukemia and Lymphoma and the American Cancer Society 2023 honored Speaker. Cayci has been a Patient Advocate and now turns her focus to her Leadership and Coping Skills trainings.

See why businesses, schools and healthcare organizations
choose our speakers

So often we develop the professional aspects of our employees without looking at personal issues people face. This presentation let employees know that we are truly interested in them. Now we’re having an 8 to Great speaker present at all of our regional/national manager’s meetings.
Bill Dubberly
Senior Manager, Sprint-Nextel
Every coach knows that you have to go to the gym and strengthen yourself as an individual in order to play your best on the court. The 8 to Great process is like weight-training for leaders educators, and all employees. It makes each person a better all-around team player.
Jon Rowberry
Former CEO Franklin Covey
We recently had MK Mueller speak to our K-12 teachers in Salina. Speakers sometimes have trouble reaching across all those grade levels. I can honestly say every teacher in the room from preschool to the high school football coach had something positive to say about the day. Many, many, came up to me to say thank you for making this the best in-service they have ever had. We all walked away ready for a great year. Teachers are still referring to MK and quoting her. I am so grateful we brought her in.
Cindy Compagnone
Principal, KS
"I give the 8 to Great inservice to my staff and certification weekend training a 10+. They were outstanding. Now I want to train more of our team in this life-changing information."
Dr. David Geurin
Author of Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive in an Unpredictable World?
In MK’s presentation to the EPA in Washington DC, my team felt it was, by far, the most valuable three hours they had ever spent in a workshop.

Lucy Arenrin, EPA Training Director, Washington D.C.

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Taking Care of Me: How to Juggle it All without Dropping the Ball

“I’m never gonna get everything done…” Sound familiar? If the balance of work and family are squeezing out the personal time you need to be your best you, join the award-winning author of Taking Care of Me, MK Mueller, for the best news you’ve heard in years. Discover how you no longer have to choose between personal fulfillment and pleasing others. With her simple and sure-fire process, everyone wins! Come ready to laugh, learn, and lighten up as you trade in your “to-do” list for a “to-be” one!

Taking Care of Me: How to Juggle it All without Dropping the Ball