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Battle Creek HS (9-12)

8 to Great School Impact Statistics

8 to Great Statistics
“MK, I remember you coming to our school for the first time in 2010 and wondering what our students might do to make our school look bad.  Now, for the past twelve years, I can’t wait to see what our students will do to welcome our guests. Thank you for 8 to Great® and making such a wonderful difference in the world. We are proud to be your partner in changing lives!”

– Jeff Heimes, Principal, Battle Creek Public Schools, NE
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Okoboji HS 9th Graders

8 to Great School Impact Statistics

Okoboji High School Impact Statistics 8 to Great
“At the end of the 8 to Great section of my health classes, I always invite the students to write a thank you letter to someone and then call them and read it. It’s incredibly powerful and the students love it! ”

– Abby Goodlaxson, Health and PE Teacher, Okoboji, IA

What Students Are Saying:

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“8 to Great has really improved my mindset. Now I know how to take care of my mental health.”
“If it wasn’t for 8 to Great, I’d be broke.”
"Every day after class I go home and teach what I learned to my Mom and my sisters. It’s changing our family.”
“Can this class be all year?”
“I applied to MIT because of 8 to Great. It showed me how to follow my biggest dreams.”
Allie 8 to Great Testimonial

8 Strokes Off Her Best Ever Golf Score!

“When MK walked into the room as our speaker that day, I was an average golfer. By the time she left, I was an exceptional golfer.” 

(Allie took 8 strokes off her best ever score the following day, and received a golf scholarship to college as a result.)

– Allie Ven John, HS Senior, NE

“I cannot describe how much the 8 to Great book and certification training have changed my life! I will push for this to be taught to each and every student at my school. Every student needs this information
as much as I did.”

-Angela Gries, Business Teacher, MO

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Steve Morton, HS Principal, NE

“As a high school counselor, some of my most high-risk students are taking Roxie Smith’s 8 to Great® Creative Writing class for the first time, and I’ve noticed a BIG decrease in crisis intervention referrals. Now, when they come to me, I’m able to reiterate the same verbiage and have them use what they’ve learned in 8 to Great® to talk through what’s going on. I’ve also seen a significant improvement in attendance. It would be my wish for ALL students to have this class. What Ms. Smith is doing with 8 to Great® and the Bullet Journals is truly life-changing. It is a blessing to be part of and witness the change in students’ mindsets and behaviors.”

– Jenny Willard, Counselor, High School, NE

How Tests Scores Improve with 8 to Great

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Cheryl Aubery, HS English Teacher

“Since MK presented to our staff, the building has just felt different.  I believe the biggest challenge, and what I see constantly with our students, our parents, and our colleagues, is the power they give away so needlessly. To see the difference the 8 to Great® process can make in these very challenged urban youth makes me one of the most appreciative people on earth.  Power, that is the ticket, and 8 to Great® is the game changer for empowerment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

-Dr. Hayet Woods, Principal, Middle School, MO
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Ray Lewis, Deputy Director for Boris Johnson, UK

“The 8 to Great® Success Skills program delivered to 50 of our staff was one of the most practical, motivational and user-friendly programs we have participated in to date. The 8 to Great® process is adaptable to any environment, and has given our officers real-world, practical approaches. The energy and passion it ignited, and the gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this seminar by all 50 of our participants, has been remarkable. Thank you!”

– Maureen Honan, Government Analyst II, Dept. of Juvenile Justice, FL

Dear MK, 

Thank you for coming to our middle school to speak. After your talk, many students and staff came up to thank me. The one that touched me deeply was 8th grader Cesar. He said : “Thank you for inspiring me with those words of greatness. You have helped me realize that I can pull through any obstacles that get in my way. I know now that even in the toughest of times you can pick yourself right up again.” I have never heard a middle school student speak with such enthusiasm and resolve! The next day he turned in most of his missed work. 

– Dr. Jim Greydanus, Superintendent, MI

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