8 to Great will be a part of the next wave of enlightenment.”

Mike Dooley,  Author of “Notes from the Universe”

MK’s seminar was one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life, bar none, and I hope to disseminate this wisdom in England and beyond

Ray Lewis, Member of the London Mayor's Commission on Youth

Every coach knows that you have to go to the gym and strengthen yourself as an individual in order to play your best on the court. MK Mueller’s 8 to Great process is like weight-training for leaders and employees. It makes each person a better all-around team player.

Jon Rowberry, Former CEO, Franklin Covey

I was blown away by MK’s simple yet highly effective tools and guidance. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to take their life or their business to the next level!

Dave Moore, CEO Vigilant Global Trade Service and EO Member

My profession is photographing conventions. Over the past 20 years I have photographed 30+ meetings each year, with keynotes ranging from Sports Legends to Political World Leaders. With that said, I have never seen anyone as dynamic and moving as MK Mueller! I was absolutely floored by her energy, stage presence and “common sense” intelligence. She had the entire audience delighting in her every word. We wanted her to go on for hours. Take my word – there is no better speaker than MK Mueller!

Eric Hoffman, CEO Eric Hoffman Photos, Las Vegas NV

MK, meeting you six months ago was the first day of the best of my life. I don’t even recognize the person I used to be! Life continues to get better and better everyday and it’s all thanks to you! Everything you said would happen in your book is happening!  I’m so grateful for the gift you are in this world and will tell it to anyone who will listen!

Taner Neighbors, Platinum Real Estate Services, Kansas City, MO

So often we develop the professional aspects of our employees without looking at personal issues people face. I love MK’s emphasis on Taking Care of Me! When our employees know that we are truly interested in them, productivity increases. Great job!

Bill Dubberly, Director of Training & Development, Sprint

My association decided on MK Mueller for our Leadership Conference and it was the best decision on a speaker ever made. She was inspirational, entertaining and compassionate. This was the first time I have seen any speaker at this event receive a standing ovation and it was well deserved. MK is the best and I’d recommend her to anyone. She was a highlight to this event!

Tamika Ligon, M.P.A, Director of Program Planning, St. Louis, MO

MK, the success of your talk was brought home to me the next day when one of my national sales representatives told me he was up half the night reading your book. I cannot begin to explain how much everyone enjoyed your presentation.

Michael Phelan, Senior Vice President, First National Bank of Omaha

Put MK Mueller’s 8 to Great process into action and your life is certain to improve! MK delivers an energetic and entertaining presentation that you won’t soon forget. Her messages about the importance of gratitude, raising positivity, and learning to risk hit the mark for our leaders and in my life. I look forward to bringing her back to our association again soon.    

Joni Sundquist, Senior Vice President, Nebraska Bankers Association

MK Mueller exceeded our expectations exponentially!

Sheila Thayer, Training Director, FedEx

In MK’s presentation in Washington DC, she was powerful, practical and phenomenal, as usual. Participants felt it was, by far, the most valuable three hours they had ever spent in a workshop.

Lucy Arenrin, EPA - Environmental Protection Agency