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Coaching Certification

8 to Great Certification Difference

8 to Great Certification Options:

The Live Two-Day Training consists of two 8-hour days, and may be hosted at your location when you’re training 10 or more.

The Online Zoom Training is broken into either five 90-minute classes or two 5-hour Zoom classes.

After either training experience, each instructor will have access to their coach for ongoing support, as well as peer support from the 3,000+ trainers around the world on our private Facebook page.

What to Expect

Training always takes place in small groups, either live (two consecutive days) or online (8-10 hours on Zoom). Participants must have read the 8 to Great book before beginning. There is homework between the sessions and an open-book assessment after you’ve completed it. Many educators say that the training itself is life-changing.
I can’t describe how much this training program has had a positive influence on my personal and professional life.  I had read 8 to Great earlier, and I had tried to use the insights in my life.  I even sent the book to my daughter and to several friends. But having the opportunity to do the training made the book and its concepts come alive.  I am so grateful for the experience!

-Mary Peterson, NE

With the training, you’ll receive the following:

  • A Pre-test and Post-Test
  • 60 scripted proven and engaging lesson plans students love
  • 16 student videos for the classroom 
  • Training Videos for regular review
  • The ability to return to online trainings for free
  • Ongoing Zoom or phone support from the training team
  • Access to the private PowerCoaches FB page for peer support

College Credit

Contact our office for information on how to earn college credit through Baker University or USF.

How 8 to Great restored his passion for teaching...

“I had been teaching for 17 years, I had quit coaching the sport I love for several reasons and I was getting burnt out. The last thing I wanted to do was go to a two-day training in the summer, but my principal told me I would get professional growth points so I went. “Just get through it,” I thought.

Our school had tried sooooo many things and every time we just moved to something else, because if teachers didn’t buy in, then we just switched, but after the first day of hearing MK’s message I made the commitment to teach and live 8 to Great the rest of my life.  Which I do to this day.

Now in my Calculus classes I have a quote a day, and then talk about I intentionally make the quotes related to the 8 High-Ways. Parents come up to me at conferences and tell me their child loves the class, “Your quotes and stories are inspirational and you talk about real life.” I do. And nowadays 70-80% of my kids have A’s. I’m convinced it’s because of what I have learned from 8 to Great.  

I recently got the job of head basketball coach. Does 8 to Great make me a better coach? The process makes me a better person, better husband, better Dad, better teacher, and yes, a much better coach. I can honestly say, without 8 to Great, I would probably not be teaching right now.

Life-changing? That’s an understatement.”

-Jeff Hofeldt, Head Basketball Coach, Grand Island Sr. High 

The training also includes 16 Student Videos, 13 Trainer Review Videos, a Training Manual with a pretest/post-test and 60 detailed lesson plans, handouts, and ongoing email and phone support from your coach.

8 to Great books, Student Handbooks and The Bullet Journal Companion are additional and must be ordered separately. In addition, we offer a PLC 8 to Great Book Study Guide by request at no charge.

Additional Resources:

are all available through our office. Email us at info@8togreat.com or call/text us at 402-212-3033 for more information or to check your desired date.


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