Why Life-Work Balance is essential to more than just you

Achieving Work Life Balance

“What do you want for your kids?” I asked the parents assembled before me. In a rag-tag sort of unison, they all replied, “Happiness!” “Well, they’re watching!” I countered.  So many times we as parents give a not-so-subtle message to our young. “I want you to be happy so much, that I’m going to make […]

The Real Reason Habits Are So Hard to Break

The Real Reason Habits Are So Hard to Break

One of my favorite ways to start my seminars is with a phrase completion exercise: “Life would be better if only…” As everyone writes their answers on note cards, their responses are quite predictable. Almost all answers center around the same eight issues: If only I lost weight If only I had more money If […]

A New Definition of L.O.V.E.

a new definition of love

Growing up, I believed the phrase “falling in love” meant finding someone who you would devote yourself entirely to and vise-versa. As I’ve grown and experienced deep love for my children, my family, my friends and myself, I am grateful that love has taken on a new meaning for me – one that is far […]