My Most Personal Podcast – Lessons from My Mom

Losing a loved one gives a new perspective on their life, as well as our own. MK shares the lessons from her mother’s passing and the gift of her last words in this intimately powerful message, as well as 5 questions to ask ourselves as we prepare for the New Year.

Knowing Your Circle – The Secrets of Stephen Covey

Dr. Stephen Covey, who wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” changed the world with his insights. In this powercast, MK reviews four of his most powerful teachings and how they directly apply to today’s challenges.

The First Step in Creating A Deeper Connection

When there is a national crisis outside our doors, it can take a toll inside our homes. MK’s guest, Life Coach Duke Worthington, has been helping couples and business managers navigate the challenges of connection and communication for decades, and shows up to help us get through this challenging time. In Duke’s words, “The first […]

20 Gratitools for a Grateful Life

Gratitude sharing has become the language of the happiest and healthiest among us. Learn the 20 Gratitools that have kept MK thriving and high fiving amidst the multitude of challenges this year has brought. See which feels best to add to your daily rituals.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Fairy Tales

When life seems ridiculously complicated, sometimes it helps to go back to the basics, and nothing is more basic than a fairy tale. By looking with new eyes at three of the classics: Beauty and the Beast, Pinnochio and The Wizard of Oz, MK reminds us of universal truths about loving ourselves, never giving up […]

How She Found Hope Again Using the 8 High-Ways

Susie had been playing solitaire online for years – way too much of it – but she had lost a part of herself and couldn’t seem to quit. Here’s how her day with MK was able to turn things around, one thought at a time!

Finding Hope at the End of Our Rope

In this episode, MK shares the yo-yo battle she had with her weight over 40 years. About to lose hope, she made a decision to stop struggling, only to discover the sweet release which led her to the program that changed everything nine years ago.

The Secret SuperPowers of Gratitude

“Gratitude saved my life!” – Katy Perry – From Music icons to Midwestern teens, there is something about a daily gratitude ritual that changes everything. Hear how National Award-winning Educator Abby Goodlaxson incorporates gratitude sharings into her life, her coaching and her classroom, and why she believes that teens are “hungrier than ever” to learn […]

The High Price of Indecision: Education 2020

Teach at Home or In the Classroom? It’s the question that no one seems to be able to answer but everyone has a strong opinion on.  So how does and educator stay positive in the midst of the shouting matches in the media? MK takes an 8 to Great approach to this and other life […]

Why Forgiveness Frees the Giver

Is it really possible to free ourselves of past regrets and resentments? MK’s guest, author Craig McAndrews, has an amazing personal story of the surprising gift forgiveness gives the giver. He has spent 24 years as a therapist helping others to find freedom from the weight of their past. Hear how his experiences, along with […]