Why Life-Work Balance is essential to more than just you

Achieving Work Life Balance

“What do you want for your kids?” I asked the parents assembled before me. In a rag-tag sort of unison, they all replied, “Happiness!” “Well, they’re watching!” I countered.  So many times we as parents give a not-so-subtle message to our young. “I want you to be happy so much, that I’m going to make […]

The Real Reason Your People Are Calling in Sick

The Real Reason Your People Are Calling in Sick

What if you could cut sick days in half and double your retention rates? What would you be willing to do? There’s one reason that most people call in sick. They’re sick. They may be physically sick, or they could well be sick of the work environment, but either way, there are small changes a […]

NGL Cards: A Prescription Option for Health and Wellness Practitioners


The National Gratitude League – a prescription for pain and illness?  When asked what was the underlying cause of their patient’s pain and illness, the most common answers from 40 physicians were:  In study after study, expressing gratitude throughout the day has been found to reduce all three of the above….with no side effects.  That’s […]