The Real Reason Your People Are Calling in Sick

The Real Reason Your People Are Calling in Sick

What if you could cut sick days in half and double your retention rates?

What would you be willing to do?

There’s one reason that most people call in sick.

They’re sick.

They may be physically sick, or they could well be sick of the work environment, but either way, there are small changes a leader can make to turn it around in a big way.

The thing is, these small changes take big courage.

Karen came to me years ago and said, “We’re sick. Our corporate culture is sick. Can you help us?” I told her I could show her team the steps. Taking them would be up to them. As a result, lives changed, departments changed, employee engagement increased and marriages were saved.

People are lonely. Have you read the reports? Loneliness and the resulting depression are at an all-time epidemic high accoring to the surgeon general. And anyone with ai data charts can see that loneliness makes people sick. Our immunity plummets and we get every cold and flu in town.

It also makes people depressed. Loneliness = illness + depression = no energy = calling in sick.

Can we turn loneliness around without sending everyone to therapy? Yes, and often in the first 30 days.

One-third of our entire life will be spent at work. We have to make the time to build community there, because if we don’t, where will we build it? Around the non-existent dinner table? And what if just 15 minutes a week and a little courage from leaders would make all the difference?

Caring is a natural human desire. We want to care and be cared about. It all starts with asking the right questions. When people partner up and ask heart questions instead of head questions to their co-workers, they see the person behind the role, and connection happens. Questions like:

  1. What is one of your dreams?
  2. What have you overcome?
  3. What is a risk you’d like to take?
  4. What is one of your favorite memories?

When we at 8 to Great offer companies workshops or retreat days, we follow up with resources for simple rituals that, in just 15 minutes each week, help people do what comes naturally – care about other.

It starts with a leader having the courage to take the risk of opening their heart and mind. Karen did. As a result, a gentleman recently stopped me in the grocery store to let me know he had just started my book…for the 4th time. He was one of Karen’s employees whose life had been changed forever, and he did a refresh of what he had learned about life and love every year since by re-reading my book.

Start out with just one or two of the above questions and see what happens. Or call us, and we’ll get you started. You may find that the cure for sick days is well…well worth with it.


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