A New Definition of L.O.V.E.

a new definition of love

Growing up, I believed the phrase “falling in love” meant finding someone who you would devote yourself entirely to and vise-versa. As I’ve grown and experienced deep love for my children, my family, my friends and myself, I am grateful that love has taken on a new meaning for me – one that is far […]

Conflict Perception and Resolution

Conflict Perception and Resolution Loyalty

It seems Brain Science can help us resolve our differences. Researchers are discovering just how wired we are to being loyal. Loyalty to groups helped humans survive. When we can see and honor that loyalty, everyone wins.  “Beyond Conflict” is an organization that helped South Africa transition after Apartheid. They now help other groups to […]

NGL Cards: A Prescription Option for Health and Wellness Practitioners


The National Gratitude League – a prescription for pain and illness?  When asked what was the underlying cause of their patient’s pain and illness, the most common answers from 40 physicians were:  In study after study, expressing gratitude throughout the day has been found to reduce all three of the above….with no side effects.  That’s […]

How to Stop Giving Your Power Away

We wake up every morning full of power, energy, and enthusiasm. But we can drain our power by giving it away to people and circumstances without even realizing it. Hear how the concept of The Power Pyramid changed Kathi’s life.

High-Way 7: The Secret SuperPowers of Gratitude

“Gratitude saved my life!” – Katy Perry – From Music icons to Midwestern teens, there is something about a daily gratitude ritual that changes everything. Hear how National Award-winning Educator Abby Goodlaxson incorporates gratitude sharings into her life, her coaching and her classroom, and why she believes that teens are “hungrier than ever” to learn […]

High-Way 6: Why Forgiveness Frees the Giver

Is it really possible to free ourselves of past regrets and resentments? MK’s guest, author Craig McAndrews, has an amazing personal story of the surprising gift forgiveness gives the giver. He has spent 24 years as a therapist helping others to find freedom from the weight of their past. Hear how his experiences, along with […]