The 3 Lessons of Luck

The Three Lessons of Luck

Years ago, while I was living in Kansas City, I became a huge fan of the Royals baseball team. I started attending the games in July of 2014, when the stadium was barely half full.

Just four months later they would do what no team had ever done in the history of baseball, won a wild card game as well as the next 8 games to clinch the American League Pennant. They remind us of The 3 Lessons of Luck:

1. What doesn’t countWhat other people think of you

After they won the Wild Card game in a huge upset, The Wall Street Journal ran a sports headline calling Royals Manager Ned Yost a “Dunce.”

What does count – What you think of you

Right after I started attending the games, with the team losing more than they were winning, an older player was traded to the team. Raul Ibanez took a risk and called a “players only” meeting. He shared with the players that other teams hated to play them because they were so good, yet he knew the players themselves didn’t believe that…yet.  According to the team, they all became believers that day. Their resulting winning streak landed them as national heroes on the October 7th cover of Sports Illustrated.

2. What doesn’t count – Your history

The Royals had had 10 years of losing seasons in a row before that 2014 season.

What does count – Having fun today

“Before I get out of bed every morning, I remind myself of one thing – let’s have fun today,” shared Manager Yost. ESPN wrote, “The Royals are a lot of things. Nervous isn’t one of them.” According to first baseman Eric Hosmer, “We’re just out there having fun, like when we were kids.”

3. What doesn’t count – What the world calls “Luck”

Four-leaf clovers and being Irish are lovely, but dreaming and having fun out-lucks them every time.

What does count – Believing

“I dream of winning all the time,” said outfielder Jarrod Dyson, picked 50th in the draft. “A lot of people think we’re playing on pure luck. But it’s pure determination, belief and will.” During the Pennant ceremony, when asked, “Ned, can you believe you’re standing here?” Manager Yost said, “We’ve been planning this for five years. Of course we believe it.”

So today:

  1. Do you believe in you?
  2. Are you making the enjoyment of each day a priority?
  3. Do you believe in your dreams enough to practice feeling like they’re already here?

Lucky you.

Author MK Mueller is an international speaker and the author of the Life Coach Certification Program, 8 to Great, with over 3800 Coaches around the world. 402-212-3033

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